Hello, I'm Alex.

I have a passion for everything IT, science-fiction, and airsoft.
Last few years I've been working as a tech support and interacted
with Windows and Linux servers, corporate networks, Office365 services
and more.

Now I'm looking to switch from support and administration to software development. This is what I always wanted and I fell it's time to move on and make some progress.

discover more

what I'm doing right now...

This is my first website!

I'll keep adding things here as I begin experimenting with new programming languages.
Some will be pages with new features, desktop apps, source code, or bits of code I'm currently working on.
Unfortunately I'm not looking for jobs in software development right now, just trying new things.

I want to give a shout-out to Traversy Media for providing such great content that helped me figure out what is what in front-end development,
and also to Toolplate for their template which I'm currently using.

Welcome to my virtual playground.

I highly recommend the tutorials below as they made this website possible:

HTML Crash Course

CSS Crash Course

JS Crash Course

HTTP Crash Course

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a bit more about me

techie, junior developer, jr. network admin

It started with two old computers and me playing Lego with their parts. At that time the only reference or documentation available was the way they looked before you picked them apart... You can imagine the feeling when sometimes the little monster didn't start!

I love to help and did this for friends and neighbors for a while... eventually I started doing this for my first employer and turned it into what you can see on my Linkedin profile.

My other hobbies

Everything science-fiction: movies, books, comics; PC games, airsoft etc.

Contact Info

For now I'm not actively looking to change jobs but you may send me a message at the address below.

Bulevardul Expoziției 2, 012103
Bucharest, Romania